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Ngong Road Forest is one of the few indigenous forests existing within a Capital City in the world. Very little forest remains in Kenya, approximately 2%. The case for protecting this Forest is now stronger than ever before.

  • A major initiative to protect 600 hectares of indigenous forest located within Nairobi, right on the doorstep of 4 million Nairobi residents.
  • A natural environment supporting an unusually rich matrix of flora and fauna. 316 different species of plants identified so far and over 100 birds!
  • A pioneer forest project involving local poor people from the adjacent Kibera Slum. If successful, this model of community environmental governance could be replicated to other areas of public land in Kenya and indeed throughout Africa
  • Infrastructure development, the Sanctuary aims to be fully functional and self-sustained: income generating projects and activities contribute towards recurrent expenditure.
  • The sanctuary offers employment, environmental education and recreation in safe surrounds for local people, students, children, families and overseas visitors.
  • The forest serves as a carbon sink for urban pollution and stabilisation of the water table.